Although for a while I was better known for my historical fiction, I am currently contracted to write a series of historical biographies for Pen and Sword. So far, I have written books about Marie de Guise, Henrietta of England and, most recently, Margaret Tudor. 

I’m currently working on a book exploring the complicated and fascinating relationship between Queen Victoria, her daughter Princess Alice and granddaughter Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia. It’s been an absolute joy to research and write as it’s so far involved spending a lot of time immersed in Victoria’s fascinating journals (an amazing resource for any historian of the 19th century) and visiting beautiful Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. The book is due to be published in May 2020.

Future projects are books about female victims of the guillotine during the Terror; Henrietta Maria; Louis XIV’s daughters; Louis-Antoine de Saint-Just and last but not least, James IV of Scotland. All of which should keep me very busy for quite some time to come.

I am a regular contributor to All About History magazine and its associated historical and royal bookazines. My interests do tend to revolve around women’s history, specifically royalty but I am happy to turn my hand to absolutely anything. In fact, I really love it when I’m commissioned to write an article about something that I don’t know very much about as it means that I get to enjoy learning about something new while researching it!

I’ve written a wide variety of magazine articles in the last few years, covering subjects as diverse as St Olga of Kiev, Viking sagas, Enlightenment philosophy, Ottoman art, the Uffizi Gallery and Princess Margaret.

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