Bonne Marie Joséphine Gabrielle Bernard de Boulainvilliers, Baronne de Crussol Florensac

2 May 2020

Today’s painting by Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun is this sumptuous portrait of Bonne Marie Joséphine Gabrielle Bernard de Boulainvilliers (c1750-c1826), Baronne de Crussol Florensac, which was painted in 1785. Very little is known about Madame la Baronne, who came from a very wealthy and well connected family based in Paris before she married into the Languedoc aristocracy but luckily we DO know that she managed to escape the Revolution after emigrating with her husband.

(I adore the gorgeous deep reds that Vigée Le Brun employed in her portraits. This is a particularly fine example, although the painting itself, which is in a gallery in Toulouse, is not one of my favourites.)

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