Henrietta Maria

1 December 2019

Vivacious, courageous, opinionated and headstrong, Henrietta Maria remains one of the most controversial figures from British history. Raised in the famously luxurious French court, she was just fifteen years old when she was married to Charles I. Although the first few years of their marriage were marred by arguments, the couple would eventually fall in love and become one of the most famously devoted of royal couples. However, although Charles learned to appreciate his wilful young wife, her Catholicism and French birth made her unpopular with most of his subjects and when war eventually broke out between Crown and Parliament, Henrietta Maria found herself actively hated and even officially declared to be a traitor and enemy of the people. 

My biography of Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles I, is due to be published by Pen and Sword Books in 2022.

My book about Queen Victoria’s relationship with her daughter Princess Alice and granddaughter Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia is due to be published on 30th June and is available to preorder from Amazon, Waterstones & all friendly local bookshops.