Azay le Rideau

12 April 2019

We visited Azay le Rideau, a charming château that sits on an island in the Indre river, at the end of a long day looking at Loire châteaux and even though our feet were sore and we were feeling thoroughly worn out and ready to collapse with some nice French wine and pizza, I’m glad that we made an effort to see it as it was truly magical and looked just like a fairytale castle – which is kind of what you want when you go châteaux hunting in the Loire Valley.

Although the interior has some really lovely pieces of furniture and art, it is the outside that is truly special. While my boyfriend gave in to his aching feet and settled on a bench to read about syphilis (he’d seen a lot of portraits of François I that day and one thing led to another), I walked all around the moat and marvelled at how perfectly gorgeous Azay le Rideau was.