WWII at Dover Castle

19 May 2015

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As long term readers of my blog probably already know, I’ve been on a bit of a massive quest over the last twelve months or so to properly educate myself about WWII, a period of history that I somehow never managed to learn about at school or university and about which I was woefully ignorant about until quite recently when I decided that ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH and started reading about it. Anyway, you’ll be no doubt delighted to hear that I am not NEARLY so ignorant about the Second World War as I was at this time last year and, in fact, know rather a lot about it, which is definitely a much improved state of affairs, I think you’ll all agree.

Anyway, aflame with new enthusiasm for this period in history, I was thrilled to hear that English Heritage are hosting a brilliant WWII Weekend at Dover Castle next weekend, which promises all manner of vintage fun and frolics in the precincts of one of the most imposing and iconic British landmarks.

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75 years on from the Dunkirk Evacuation, the epic rescue that was planned and controlled from the tunnels right here at Dover Castle, and 70 years after V.E. Day, the castle returns to the 1940s.

Witness an explosive battle and gaze in awe at the flypast by WW2 aircraft.  Soak up the atmosphere in the military encampments and get up close to a full size replica Spitfire.
Step inside Mr Smith’s bombed out shop and discover the austerity of the war years from the Ministry of Food. Experience the German field hospital and don’t forget to keep your documents handy in case of inspection!

Get tips on the latest period fashion and visit the 1940s beauty parlour for a victory roll hairdo, then revive that wartime spirit with a lovely brew from the original NAAFI wagon.  With a live band playing music from the 40’s and plenty of hands-on activities for children – it’s English Heritage’s biggest event of the year and a real day to remember for all ages.

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Doesn’t that sound brilliant? We’re planning to be there on the Monday so if you’re around please do come up and say hello as my husband and children love it when people recognise me from my blog. I think they think it means that I’m famous or something! One of my sons has just been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and one of his current Special Interests is WWII fighter planes so he’s pretty excited to see some in action overhead!

English Heritage is an absolutely superb organisation who look after hundreds of wonderful and extremely famous old properties from Dover Castle to Osborne House to Stonehenge and it is always a pleasure to support them, either by visiting one of their properties or writing about them here on my blog. To celebrate their amazing WWII weekend, they have very generously offered membership (either single or as a couple) of English Heritage to one lucky Madame Guillotine reader – all you need to do is enter via the Rafflecopter widget here.

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The Dover Castle WWII Weekend is from 10am to 5pm on Saturday 23 May, Sunday 24 May and Monday 26 May. Entry is £1.50 (£1.00 for children) for English Heritage members and £19.50 for non members (£11.80 for children between five and fifteen). The price includes entry to both Dover Castle (which is terrific) and the event.


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