Tatty Devine goes a bit Tudor

10 January 2015

walnut necklace

As you’ve probably all guessed by now, I have a tremendous soft spot for jewellery and especially like the designs of London based company, Tatty Devine. Those of you with long memories may recall that I posted last year about their amazing collection of Georgian eye jewellery inspired pieces (there’s some in their sale so hurry if you want to snap some up – sadly I was too late to get the pearl drop earrings that I had my eye on though but I think I may have to buy the star necklace for myself as I’ve been eyeing it up for ages.) and this year there are even more treats for the history fans, with their latest collection, which has a decidedly Tudor feel to it and is inspired by the timber work of sixteenth century houses and their beautiful knot gardens.

house earrings

house necklace

Tudor House necklace (£40) and earrings (£35). Photos: Tatty Devine.

I’m particularly taken with the lovely Tudor House necklace and earrings, which really do evoke the fragile beauty of such buildings and would be a perfect compliment to any outfit as they aren’t too out there.

I also really like the Walled Garden pieces, which were inspired by the intricate designs of Tudor gardens, which were intended to be seen from above, for example from a gallery window, although of course the sixteenth century love of fragrant, colourful plants meant that they were a joy to walk around as well.

knot garden necklace

garden earrings

Walled garden necklace (£125) and earrings (£40). Photos: Tatty Devine.

For me, the other pieces recall to mind the intricate, beautiful clothes and accessories worn by the Elizabethans, who adored flamboyant colours, rich patterns and complex symbols, often involving animals, flowers and insects. I can imagine Queen Elizabeth herself prancing about in one of the dragonfly necklaces, she’d love it.

dragonfly earrings

dragonfly necklace

Ornamental dragonfly earrings (£65) and necklace (£265). Photos: Tatty Devine.

The entire collection can be viewed here. Which pieces do you like?

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