Happy Bloody Halloween

8 October 2014
Happy Bloody Halloween

I am ALL ABOUT Halloween or at least I will be once we’ve managed to clamber over the hurdle that is my birthday in a couple of days time. After THAT though, I am all geared up for some serious pumpkin and witches hat action.

Anyway, because I am in a creepy Halloweeny sort of mood, here’s a couple of outfits that I’ve knocked together from stuff that I already own and a couple of things from my distressingly copious wish list, which is rapidly spiralling out of control as always. My top picks, of course are the amazing blood splatter and haunted house dresses that I acquired in the Pulp Horror Halloween release by Black Milk, both of which can be used to create some very differently spooky looks.

I’ve had my eye on the Falconwright red ouija board bag for AGES and hope to be able to make it mine soon, although I haven’t had a clutch bag for ages and am worried that I’ll inevitably end up leaving it somewhere. The good thing about always wearing a cross body satchel is that you never have to actually THINK about where your bag is – I’m not sure I’m grown up enough to be trusted with any other sort of bag.

I have the gingerbread perfume (a bargainous £15 from Boots!) and OCC Lip Tar and they’re both perfect for this time of year. The perfume smells exactly like a gingerbread latte, while the lipstick is a rich red laced with a gold shimmer, which is just right for autumn. I wish that someone would make a pumpkin spice perfume though – I’d be on that like woah.

The Doctor Marten boots are from their new A/W collection and I am in serious LOVE with them. I can see that we’re going to end up having one of those relationships where I court them over a couple of months in the style of a Georgette Heyer hero by paying them reverent weekly visits, perhaps occasionally timidly reaching out to touch them and sighing on a regular basis over their picture before finally pulling myself together and marching in to demand that they be mine at once and immediately. Oh sigh. One day!

Happy Haunted Halloween

This second look is a bit less gruesome and is led by the whimsical haunted house print on the dress. Again there is a pair of much lusted over Doc Martens from this season’s collection, as well as the new Yves St Laurent perfume (I may have to buy myself this as a belated birthday present as it’s perfect for autumn and really lovely) and MAC Rebel lipstick. A perfect combination for this season.

I’ve included a candle from the new Flamingo Candles Halloween collection, but I’ll admit that I chose it more for the colour than the fragrance as I’m not 100% sure that aniseed is really my thing. I’d clearly actually be a RUBBISH Parisienne, wouldn’t I? Oh well.

It was a toss up between a cat bag and a unicorn but seriously, there’s not really any competition there is there? Besides, I’m Scottish so I HAVE to love unicorns! Even black ones. I wasn’t actually able to vote in the recent referendum as I’ve been living in England for the last twenty eight years, but I was still gutted that it came back as a no because I was kind of hoping that Scotland would adopt a fancy new unicorn bedecked currency and passport to go with their independence. Sadly it was not to be. I can still buy a unicorn bag though as a bit of a consolation prize.

I also couldn’t resist adding a couple of Tatty Devine pieces – since getting my ears pierced on my birthday last year I have, as predicted, become a bit of a FIEND when it comes to collecting earrings and am particularly keen on these Tatty Devine staples which include skulls, thunderbolts, anchors, stars and hearts and can be customised in a myriad of colours and finishes.

Finally, I couldn’t not include my superb new Frankenstein kindle case! As I sadly reported in my post a couple of days ago, I managed to drop my Kindle in the bath while engrossed in Kate Williams’ brilliant biography of Empress Joséphine and at the same time totally ruined my beloved Wuthering Heights kindle case. I was a bit gutted about this but not WHOLEHEARTEDLY so, as I’d been eyeing up the Frankenstein version of the case for a few months and was really just looking for an excuse to buy one.

Anyway, this post has been a bit of an entertaining diversion for me. I’d like to make some changes to this blog when I come back to Berlin – I’ll be keeping all the history stuff of course but I think there’s going to be an added dash of fashion and lifestyle posts too. No, don’t worry, I won’t be parading about in weird outfits and striking fashion blogger poses but this sort of thing is fun every once in a while, isn’t it and I figure that if I’m getting a little bored with blogging then you must be too so let’s do something about that, shall we?

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