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20 January 2014

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I MAY be a bit over excited right now as my completely AMAZING husband whom I love VERY much announced yesterday that he’s taking me to Berlin for SIX DAYS for my birthday (and our anniversary which cunningly falls three days later) WITHOUT THE CHILDREN this October. Okay, I’m going to have to wait nine months before it actually happens but I’m a rabid list writer and planner and darn well NEED all those months to prepare and also brush up my GCSE level German for the occasion.

I haven’t actually been to Germany since a hideous school trip to Cologne as a teenager, which involved traipsing up the cathedral tower, a day at a theme park, many hungry days (I’ve been a vegetarian since childhood and let’s just say that Cologne wasn’t exactly fabulous for the non meat eater back then) and a trip to Cologne Zoo where we were spat at for speaking English. I wasn’t exactly in any great haste to return but times have changed and I’m keen as mustard to get acquainted with the new Germany.

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I am THIS excited.

Any recommendations of things to do and places to visit are MOST welcome – so far I have seeing the sun set from the Reichstag dome (I’m terrified of heights and enclosed spaces but have been assured that it won’t set me off), Charlottenburg Palace, Museum Island (I have wanted to see Nefertiti’s bust ever since I was a VERY little girl and now I can!), several vegetarian and vegan cafes and restaurants, cocktail bars, graffiti and Checkpoint Charlie on my list but I reckon I can fit a lot more in!

It’s a bit of a wrench, I’ll admit, not to be heading to Paris but sometimes it feels like I’ve never been anywhere else due to the whole Aspergers French history and fear of flying for more than an hour thing so we’ve decided that we have to go to FIVE new European cities before we can go back again. Plans are already afoot for the others…

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