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16 September 2013


An amazing dinner party with new friends, a favourite piece in the Ian Finlay Hamilton exhibition in the Arnolfini, my new Bete Noire necklaces, a sleepy cat.

I’m being a bit tardy with this post due to life stuff and a general feeling of ennui. The fact is that I suffer from depression and because I won’t take any medication for it, that means that I have to battle it out as best I can without any help. I’m mostly doing okay though – having exciting plans for the future help and my husband is being wonderful as always so it’ll be fine.

Anyway! Here’s a bit of a glimpse at how I’ve been spending the last fortnight in between reading lots and working on the last chapters of From Whitechapel.


A favourite outfit from Collectif, nice nails, a superb lunch, this makes me miss my pink hair – oh woe.

I hate being depressed – I feel so drained of energy and enthusiasm and my creativity takes a serious hit as I just can’t get together the wherewithal to string a sentence together. It’s awful. I’m dealing with it though. I’m writing little snatches when I feel like it (or big snatches – I wrote 4,000 words the other day!), I’m trying not to take too much on and I’m just being kind to myself with little treats and nice meals and seeing people that I really like and stuff. It all helps.


On my fifth gin of the night, another favourite from the Ian Finlay Hamilton exhibition, limited edition Rose Jam shower gel by Lush, another sleepy cat.

Anyway, it hasn’t all been bad – I’ve been out a few times and had some real fun! I’m usually quite reclusive but it’s nice to get out and have a few drinks every now and again. I used to be massively sociable when I was a student and throughout my twenties but then chucked it in when we had the now Eight Year Old and it’s been a bit hard getting back into it again. I’m forcing myself out though because I’m determined not to let this depression swamp me!


Sweet potato curry, my super hot husband, new hair, blanket time with Tyrion Cat.

I’ve been bored with my pink hair for quite some time now and finally took the plunge last night and dyed it BLUE, which is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. It seems like everyone has pink hair right now so I decided that it was time to make the change. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out as I’m naturally redheaded and have always stuck to the red and pink toned dyes but I think it looks rather fetching!



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