Minette is here!

12 April 2013

To know her was to love her.

Born in the very heart of the dangers of the English Civil War, smuggled out of the clutches of Parliament as a toddler and then raised in near penury in exile in France, the charming and beautiful Princess Henrietta-Anne Stuart, youngest daughter of Charles I and Henrietta Maria is the original Cinderella, waiting breathlessly and with some trepidation for the moment when her family’s fortunes will be restored and she can reclaim her proper place in the world.

A treat for all fans of The Secret Diary of a Princess by the same author, Minette leads the reader into the flamboyant, exciting and treacherous world of Louis XIV’s Paris and Charles II’s raucous Restoration court as seen through the eyes of an enchanting and unforgettable heroine.

Well, it’s finally here! Minette, the first book in my two part series about Henrietta-Anne Stuart, Duchesse d’Orléans is OUT NOW on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Book release day is absolutely terrifying. I’m a BAG OF NERVES today. I may have to go off and medicate myself with GIN and pictures of Tom Hardy later on.

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