Weekly Round Up!

31 March 2013


Hello there! Hope you’re all enjoying the Easter weekend! We’ve got glorious weather here in Bristol which I hope augurs well for the rest of spring. I’ve even managed to do a spot of baking for the occasion – these are banana and lime cupcakes decorated with seasonal aplomb with mini eggs and some punky looking chicks.

We’ve had a fairly busy week here at Guillotine Towers with a trip to the new Thali Cafe in Southville on Tuesday night for their opening shindig. It was a lot of fun and we managed to make the most of the delicious curried finger food making the rounds – I’m afraid all thoughts of my diet were forgotten as I crammed skewers of paneer into my mouth and got rather drunk on Indian lager from the free! bar.


Anyway, if you’re in Bristol then I’d definitely recommend a trip to one of the Thali Cafes in the city – it’s a great chain with a really quirky but delicious menu. My metal four tier tiffin, which I use for their takeaway service, is one of my most prized possessions!


The other top excursion this week was to see my all time favourite band Mesh play at the Fleece in Bristol. I feel very fortunate to live in the same city as my favourite band as it means I get to go to their ‘home town’ gigs which have a really amazing atmosphere. Last night’s show was no exception and they played for two hours which on one hand was BRILLIANT but on the other was a bit exhausting – I was actually begging them not to come back on by the end (and then greeting each encore with a ROAR OF APPROVAL of course). I almost died though as I don’t think I’ve danced quite so much for AGES. It was also nice to get to hang out with my chum Andrew for a few hours as well as I haven’t seen him for ages!

In contrast, I didn’t think very much of the support band Inertia, who are probably very good but not really to my taste. They seemed to be on stage for a very long time, so long in fact that I ended up fancying their keyboard player due to an acute case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Anyway, this is my favourite track from Mesh’s new album. I’ll leave it to you to imagine my UNTRAMMELLED JOY when they played it last night. I do most of my writing to Mesh tracks so I came away BUZZING with ideas, particularly for the Ripper Book which has a VERY Mesh heavy playlist on my iTunes account.


As you may have noticed in my earlier post, I’ve changed my hair colour a bit! I decided that pink was getting a bit boring now (I’ve been dying my hair pink for almost twenty years now so it was about time I gave it a rest really!) and so opted for a more red shade (Special FX Cherry Bomb if you speak hair dye) this time, which I think has worked out quite well!

In writing news, the paperback edition of Blood Sisters is now available for pre-order and the first forty copies will be signed by my own fair but clutzy hand. You can make your order via the box at the bottom of this post and they’ll be shipped out all over the globe from the fifteenth of April.

I’m now free of Amazon Prime and Kobo users can now get Blood Sisters and Before the Storm from their site with The Secret Diary of a Princess coming soon. All books will also be available from Apple, Barnes & Noble and Sony in the near future as well.

In other writing news, Minette is now almost completely finished and ready to be seen so I’ll have some news about that soon as well!


Anyway, I think I’m done. How was your week? Get up to anything interesting?

Pre-order your copy of Blood Sisters, my not really romantic at all tale of POSH DOOM, beheadings, woe and INIQUITY in Revolutionary Paris today!

Shipping Destination

Ps. If you’ve read and enjoyed one of my books then please consider leaving a review on Amazon, however brief as it really does help spread the word!

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