Lovely candle goodness…

3 February 2013

I received a huge box of gorgeous goodies from my latest sponsor Piixlwix Candle Company last week and just had to share pictures of it all with you. I wish someone would hurry up and invent a scratch and sniffable internet as well as the scents involved are out of this world! I keep picking up the candles for a surreptitious sniff every time I go past them and as for the perfumes? Ooh la la.

When the lovely Krissy of PiixlWix asked me to choose a selection of things from her site, I felt completely spoilt for choice but managed to narrow it down in the end to soy candles in Baby It’s Cold Outside (gingerbread, maple and vanilla); Marshmallow World (marshmallow, coconut and chocolate); Headless Horseman (warm pumpkin soufflé); Jingle Bell Rock (blackberry marmalade); Goin’ Up The Country (fresh baked bread, green apple and vanilla); Good Vibrations (yuzu, pineapple and jasmine); White Christmas (peppermint vanilla swirl) and Lady Marmalade (spiced cranberry, orange peel and apple).

How delicious do they all sound? I think that Goin’ Up Country has got to be my favourite at the moment – I was burning it last night while cooking dinner and it was seriously beautiful in a really cakey, appley sort of way. Marshmallow World, Baby It’s Cold Outside, White Christmas and Headless Horseman come close second though. They’re all lovely though.

I also got solid perfume tins in Sweet Jane (nag champa and patchouli); Cherry Bomb (wild cherry and vanilla) and Gin and Juice (blood orange and juniper berry). Sweet Jane is my favourite of the three – it smells exactly like hippy shops, all incensey and sweet so if that’s your sort of thing then I’d definitely recommend this one! I’m not usually a fan of patchouli but I haven’t stopped wearing Sweet Jane since it arrived and may have to buy more! Cherry Bomb smells like cherry marzipan (oh yum) and Gin and Juice actually does smell just like my favourite drink, gin and tonic. AMAZING.

I also got a roll on perfume oil in Noël (sandalwood, vanilla and caramel creme), which is simply beautiful and smells like Christmas cookies and a lip balm in Candy Cane (peppermint and vanilla).

It’s obvious from the extremely quality of her products and her enthusiasm about her site, that Krissy puts a lot of love and care into her work and I’ll definitely be a regular customer from now on! In fact, I am currently eyeing up the Valentine’s Day collection which includes Stuck on You (marshmallow, vanilla and chocolate) and Something (ginger, spice and vanilla) candles and other lovely things! I’ve also got my eye on the Layla candle (Tahitian Vanilla, French Vanilla, and Bourbon Vanilla) and Saturday’s Child (chocolate vanilla swirl and raw sugar) solid perfume.

ps. disclaimer – Krissy may have sent me these lovely things but she didn’t ask me to review them. I decided to do so off my own bat because I was so impressed!

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