The art of Makissima

9 October 2012

Madame de Pompadour. Photo: Chiara Santillozzi.

As regular readers of my blog will know, I am a complete sucker for history inspired art and especially the sort that I can buy on Etsy and use to beautify my home. I have to thank my dearest chum Suzy of Beyond the Pale for pointing me in the direction of my latest find, Chiara Santillozzi, otherwise known as Makissima, who creates gorgeously simple and whimsical art work based on myths, fairy tales and history.

I just couldn’t resist the wonderful painting of Madame de Pompadour at the top of this post and it is now nicely framed and on display in my sitting room. My husband thinks she’s flashing maybe a wee bit too much nipple but I think he’s a bit puritanical. You can imagine how he feels about the poster from the Louvre of Gabrielle d’Estrées and her sister (otherwise known in our household as ‘The Nipple Twister’) that we have hanging in our bedroom…

Little Red Riding Hood. Photo: Chiara Santillozzi.

I think this wonderful and rather mysterious print of Little Red Riding Hood is going to be my next purchase. I love the way that she has depicted the dark and gloomy forest with the bright skein of scarlet wool running through it. It’s gorgeous.

Medusa. Photo: Chiara Santillozzi.

I also love this depiction of the usually fearsome Medusa as a shivering, vulnerable and sad young woman, based on the description by Ovid of Medusa as a beautiful priestess punished by Minerva rather than the horrible creature of Clash of the Titans.

To be frank all of her work is completely stunning, don’t you think? It’s affordable too, with each piece costing around £10.50 which I think is well worth it to have something so gorgeously dreamy on the wall…

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