Madame Elisabeth brooch

3 September 2012

Madame Élisabeth brooch. Photo: Trinity Lane Antiques.

I really love this pretty brooch with a picture of Louis XVI’s unfortunate sister, Madame Élisabeth. It’s being sold by Trinity Lane Antiques, who believe it may have formed part of one of those amazing Sèvres portrait salon tables, so this probably formed part of a collection that included Marie Antoinette, the Comtesse d’Artois and maybe the Duchesse de Polignac and others.

Louis XV portrait table. Photo: The Bowes Museum.

They have an amazing example from around 1835 in the Bowes Museum in County Durham, but I couldn’t find a really good picture of it alas. I remember falling madly in love with it when I was a little girl though and was very pleased to be able to pay it a visit a few years ago. It has a porcelain plaque of Louis XV in the centre, surrounded by portraits of his daughters, daughter in law and other ladies of the court.

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