A busy few days

26 May 2012

I’ve just had a pretty awesome couple of days in Bristol and the east end of London. I’ll be writing proper in depth posts about what I got up to but here’s a bit of a taster involving mojitos, Thomas Cromwell, Whitechapel, Jack the Ripper and delicious cake and curry!

Besides Rebecca Dean’s Wallis, I read The Secret Countess by Eva Ibbotson this week, which was a very light hearted and entertaining read. I imagined that all the characters looked like people from Downton Abbey, especially the Below Stairs characters. I finished Young Elizabeth: The Making of Our Queen by Kate Williams while in London, which is superb but yet again I got the impression that publishers put books on Kindle before they are edited as this was a bit of a mess with missing words, sentences and even at times entire passages; the odd bit of confusion (I don’t think I’ve ever seen the young Henry VII described as ‘jeunesse doré’ before and assume that actually it was meant to be Henry VIII) and so on. There were several points where I had to read a sentence several times over to work out what the hell it meant as there were split infinitive issues or the crux of the passage was seemingly completely missing. I don’t blame the author for this but am a bit insulted that the publisher thinks it’s okay to put out books in this sort of state. I’ll be doing a proper review in the next few days.

I’ve just started On Brick Lane by Rachel Lichtenstein, which is a look at the changing face of Brick Lane and the surrounding area in Spitalfields. I’m finding it fascinating so far. I stayed at a hotel on Osborn Street (which is at the end of Brick Lane) last night and listened to the call to prayer as I was getting ready to go out – I find it incredibly poignant and moving.

I’ve been reading a few more beauty blogs lately as I try to build up my make up collection again (I used to have a HUGE collection of MAC but the boys have laid waste to that) and also buy stuff for summer. My favourite new blogs are Harley Grant, who is one of the very few goth fashion type blogs that I have come across and seems to like all the same stuff as I do only it looks better on her and Cami Loves Kiwi, which I really like as she not only has wicked style but also has a fabulous writing voice.

And that’s pretty much all I have energy for right now! I’ll be posting more about the last few days and a review of the Kate Williams’ book over the next week!

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