Bring up the Bodies is OUT (at last!)

10 May 2012

At last, my long ago pre-ordered copy of Bring up the Bodies has hit my Kindle and I’m going to stay up for a couple of hours to get stuck in. I honestly cannot wait to read this book.

I’m so tragic though – my husband sent me for a nap earlier on so that I could get up just before midnight and get a few hours reading in before crashing again. Imagine my rage when it got to midnight and the book failed to magically manifest! I’d say though that on the whole this is one of the very best things about owning a Kindle – you don’t have to wait for that hot brand new release to fall into your mitts!

Mind you, I really wish the big booksellers had taken a leaf out of the Harry Potter excitement and opened up at midnight so that the legions of Wolf Hall fans could get their hands on the sequel! I’d be totally up for queueing up in full on Tudor costume!

Anyway, I’ve just wasted a couple of minutes of PRECIOUS READING TIME so I’ll be off. Anyone else about to start reading? Are you hoping the postman will bring your copy in the morning? I’ll be back with a review just as soon as I’ve finished!

Ah, Thomas Cromwell, how I’ve missed you…

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