Phew, I did it! Ten thousand book sales.

9 May 2012

I’ve been quiet, haven’t I? I wish I had an excuse but I don’t really – I’ve just been busy working on my fourth novel, which is going very well indeed, thanks for asking! The young Louis XIV just EXUDES sexiness. Sorry, but he does. Every scene that he turns up in just CRACKLES. Phew. It’s really taking it out of me.

In other news though:


Yes, that’s right. Ten thousand of my books are languishing on Kindles ALL OVER THE WORLD. Unless they’ve been deleted or something. But hey, let’s be optimistic here, there’s probably ten thousand of them OUT THERE RIGHT NOW. TEN THOUSAND PIECES OF MY MIND. Wow.

It’s a bit creepy really.

I know that ten thousand book sales is PIFFLE to most of you, but to me this is a Big Deal because I didn’t expect to sell ANY books. Actually, that’s not true – I expected my husband and maybe four or five of my friends to buy copies. Not the friend who said ‘I won’t buy a copy until someone says it’s any good’. No, not that one. Some other friends though. Thank you to them and er the thousands of other people who bought at least one as well. Seriously, thank you. I think you are all amazing.

What am I doing to celebrate, I hear you cry. Well…

Yup, working on the next chapter, which as you can see involves Prince Rupert, Elizabeth of Bohemia, Paris and um snow.

I’m also counting down the hours until midnight when Hilary Mantel’s Bring Up The Bodies will hopefully be hitting my Kindle. I’m planning to start reading straight away and at once. Oh man, I can’t wait.

Actually, what you really want to know is the HOW and WHY, isn’t it? I’ve covered the basics of Kindle publishing here and can’t really think of much to add to be honest other than to gently implore my fellow self published writers to outsource editing and illustration, DON’T OVERPRICE, think about your online reputation before you get all snarky in public forums, quit the automatic daily spamming of your book links on Twitter, PLEASE GOD NO MORE AUTO DMS about your books to people who follow you and have fun.

High fives all round, I think.

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