Catherine de Medici’s book of hours

13 April 2012

Catherine de Medici was born on this day, 13th April, in 1519. I’ve posted about her before on this here blog but thought that today I’d share some of the family portraits from her beautiful Book of Hours, which was created in the early 1570s and contains portraits of fifty eight members of her family. It’s now kept in the Louvre.

Her mother in law, Claude de France surrounded by her daughters and daughters-in-law.

Her brother in law, Charles Duc d’Angouleme.

Her aunt-in-law, Marguerite d’Angouleme, Queen of Navarre.

Her son, François II and his wife, Mary of Scotland.

Her son, Charles IX and his wife, Elizabeth of Austria.

Her son, Henri III.

Her daughter-in-law, Louise de Lorraine, wife of Henri III.

Her daughter, Claude de France with her husband Charles, Duc de Lorraine.

Her daughter, Marguerite with her husband Henri, King of Navarre.

Her daughter, Elisabeth with her husband, Philip II of Spain.

Her son, Hercule François, Duc d’Alençon.

Her son, Louis and daughters, Jeanne and Victoire, all of whom died in infancy.

A portrait of her granddaughter Christine de Lorraine, Grand Duchess of Tuscany (1565-1637).

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