Marie Antoinette sequel progress

20 March 2012

I love this pretty portrait of the young Marie Antoinette, painted in around 1774 by Jean Martial Frédou, an artist who was first painter for her brother in law, the Comte de Provence from 1776. It’s a lovely painting but as usual, the little Queen complained that it failed to capture a likeness. I’m reading her letters to her mother at the moment and there seems to be a lot of angst about portraits not quite getting it right. Poor Marie Antoinette!

I feel a lot of sympathy for the artists though. I’m sprinting through the first draft of the sequel to The Secret Diary at the moment and there’s always this fear that I’m not quite getting it right but as I said about Anne Boleyn the other day, there’s as many different Marie Antoinettes as there are artists and writers clamouring to bring her back to life again and I like my Marie Antoinette as do other people, so I think it’s all okay.

It’s going well though – I’ve written 15,000 words and am getting a bit worried because I have lots of years to go so either there’s going to be some epic editing at the end or this is going to be a MASSIVE book.

On the plus side, it looks like Lisa Falzon, who did the gorgeous cover for Before the Storm, will be providing the cover art again as well as a gorgeous new cover for The Secret Diary of a Princess! I’m extremely excited about this and have been making mood boards and all sorts with lots of pretty pictures and stuff.

I just need to think of a really great title too. I thought of a great one but it won’t work so I’m saving it for another future book that’s on my list after I’ve finished the Jack the Ripper novel (which I am researching while writing this one) and maybe the Minette one as well, although that’s getting completely rewritten when I get around to tackling it again. Ah, writing. Such a joy.

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