Tokyo Milk review

6 March 2012

It seems very fitting to write about Tokyo Milk on the same day as I post about Catherine de Medici as after all, she introduced sensuous Italian perfumes and cosmetics to the French court in the sixteenth century and in doing so completely revolutionised the way that fashionable men and women used scent.

I’ve mentioned Tokyo Milk’s products several times on this blog now but was beginning to feel slightly shamefaced as I’ve never actually managed to try any of their stuff out! However, thanks to some lovely people there and in their UK distributers, I was sent a box of veritable gorgeousness last week with some choice goodies to try.

My favourite thing has to be the Bittersweet shea butter hand cream, which is just divine. I get eczema and really dry skin on my hands over the winter and this handcream has been absolutely fantastic in making my poor mitts so much more silky and soft. It smells beautiful as well – the scent is supposed to be ‘cake flour, dark cacao bean, osmanthus and bronzed musk’ and the result is a kind of warm, incensey, chocolate brownie scent. It’s heaven.

In fact I’m planning to buy the matching perfume now because I want to smell like this all the time. I can really see it becoming my signature scent this summer – I know, heresy when I’ve been devoted to Philosykos for all these years! It’s just so darn beautiful though…

Also beautiful is the Let Them Eat Cake perfume, which is supposed to smell of ‘Sugar Cane, Coconut Milk, Vanilla Orchid and White Musk’ and actually smells like the most lovely vanilla and coconut cake. I adore it. It’s the perfect scent for mellow summer evenings.

I was also sent two conditioning ‘Lip Elixir’ balms – one in Salted Caramel, which is lovely and has a unusual aftertaste that actually does taste like the real thing and Absinthe, which is terrifyingly pungent but really does smell like something a Victorian prostitute would laze around drinking on a crimson velvet sofa, while a golden haired poet peeled her some grapes.

All in all, I was very pleasantly surprised and my expectations (which were already pretty high!) were more than matched. I’m a definite Tokyo Milk fan now and am making an order soon for a Marie Antoinette cosmetic case, Bittersweet, Bulletproof and the Moonflower and Sugar Bomb mix and match perfume vials as I love that sort of thing. I’ve always adored perfume and have an especial fondness for sets that let me make my own unique scents plus I’m a sucker for fig and gourmand scents. I definitely can’t wait to give them a try!

If you live in the US you can buy their goodies including the gorgeous Marie Antoinette cards and a lot more from their website, however if you live in the UK like me, you can get them from John Lewis and Wild & Funk, although be warned it is significantly more expensive over here. I think it’s worth it though!