The belle Marquise de la Fare

7 January 2012

This exquisite piece is a portrait by Jean Honoré Fragonard of Gabrielle de Riquet de Caraman, the Marquise de la Fare, probably painted in 1775 at the time of her marriage to the Comte de la Fare. Gabrielle-Françoise-Victoire de Caraman was born on 28th June 1755 the daughter of the Marquis de Caraman and his wife, Marie-Anne de Hénin Liétard, a daughter of the Prince de Chimay.

Fragonard isn’t best known for his portraits, as he tended more towards genre pieces or softly lascivious private commissions for the aristocracy. It’s a shame that he didn’t produce more likenesses really as the portraits that do survive are quite lovely.

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