Sherlock – series two begins

2 January 2012

To the delight of many, the new three part series of Sherlock started last night and opened with a real corker. I am well aware that the vast majority of my readership is based in America so as usual won’t be making assumptions that you’ve seen it too…

I’ve lost all of whatever small enthusiasm I once had for Doctor Who since Steven Moffat took over. I don’t know why but I suspect my inherent loathing for science fiction has something to do with it – it just seems a lot more spacey and a lot less earthy since Matt Smith (whom I do like) became Doctor, which I find a bit of a turn off. I also hate the intelligence insulting plot holes and heavy handed use of deus ex machina. Sorry.

On the other hand, I adore Moffat’s updated, slick version of Sherlock Holmes which is set in a bleak rainy contemporary London that is every bit as iniquitous as its Victorian counterpart.

High hopes were pinned on the second outing of Sherlock and it did not disappoint. Except for a few niggles. Well, just one really.

The thing is, you see, that Irene Adler in the original Holmes books was a worthy adversary – a woman of enormous intelligence, grace, cunning and yet intrinsic kindness. The rarely thwarted Holmes could take pride in being bested by such a woman because she was, in every way, his match.

The Irene Adler imagined by Moffat, however, was a sex worker who used secrets let slip by her clients as bargaining tools. Where is the intelligence and wit in that? Would it really have hurt them to have just one woman be as clever and resourceful as Sherlock without having to use her body to get what she wanted? Pah.

Other than this, I really enjoyed it – especially as, to my great relief, Rupert Graves was back as Lestrade. Now, I don’t know about you but I think he’s marvellous.

Other high points were Holmes being Holmes, Watson being Watson, Mycroft showing a human side, a demonstration of what happens if you so much as lay ONE FINGER on Mrs Hudson, Watson’s Holmes blog, the hilarious Moriarty phone call, royal malarkey and the most painfully AWKWARD Christmas gathering ever.

What did you think?

(It seems to be traditional when reviewing a version of Sherlock Holmes to clarify that one has been reading all of the stories since birth and has an INTIMATE and EXTENSIVE knowledge of the original canon. No, I don’t know why but I have been reading them since I was very little girl for reasons that I have previously outlined. For the record, my favourite Holmes is Robert Downey Jnr.)

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