Downton Christmas

26 December 2011

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas – I didn’t really as I managed to be horribly ill for the second year in a row which meant lying on the sofa weeping and feeling very VERY sorry for myself. The boys had a lovely time though with the six year old spending the whole day building a Lego Hogwarts Castle (photos to come) and the three year old generally running about and being excitable.

I did manage to watch the Downton Abbey Christmas episode though and rather enjoyed it. What did you think? I know some of you haven’t seen it yet so will keep the spoilers to a minimum (if you really can’t bear the suspense then ask questions in the comments!).

Anyway, key things about Downton at Christmas:

1. They had a lovely twinkly lit up tree, which provoked a slurry of ‘Did they have Christmas tree lights during the second Georgian period?’

2. There was indeed, as Dan Stevens informed me on Twitter when I asked for just one spoiler clue, Christmas pudding.

3. There was snow. Lots and lots and lots of snow.

4. There were cads. Okay maybe just one but maybe three depending on your definition of ‘cads’. The one I am thinking of was very caddish indeed. And also a bounder.

5. There were tearful prison scenes. I’m a bit fed up with Mr Bates and his expression of saintly woe now so rolled my eyes a lot during these.

6. There was a BIG confession. Or two.

7. Someone did something narsty involving a wood shed.

8. Lady Mary got a new dress! In fact, she got a few! In fact all the Downton ladies were fetching very fetching gauzy and beaded shorter dresses.

9. There was awkward dancing. I think Thomas and The Dowager should run away together (I know, I know) as she had a definite twinkle in her eye as he whisked her off into the waltz.

10. There was sad standing around and praying in a rainswept cemetery.

11. There was a ouija board! Lawks!

12. There was a brief and rather embarrassing bout of fisticuffs that was vaguely reminiscent of that scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary. It was all floppy hair, inept headlocks and girly kicking over of vases.

13. There was happy news for one sister! And er rather less happy news for another.

14. O’Brien and Edith continue to be my favourite characters.

15. There was dignified tremblings of parvenu upper lips as they left Downton for the last time ever. ‘Do you promise?’ – the Dowager still gets all the best lines.

16. It all ended on a very good note indeed, which I am not going to spoil but led to timeline full of ‘AT LONG BLOODY LAST’ on Twitter.

17. There were also some notable absences, so let’s have a moment of silence please for Branston Pickle the political chauffeur, Lady Sibyl and the maid (Edith?) that got knocked up with gigantababy (my youngest was 10lb 5oz at birth so I know whereof I speak). Lavvy-Poo, Cousin Matthew’s ill fated fiancée, on the other hand, managed to make an appearance…

So what did you think of it all?

They had the trailer for the new series of Whitechapel in the advert breaks and it looks like they are starting with a modern re-enactment of the Radcliffe Highway murders, which I totally guessed they would do! Can’t wait to see it.

Did anyone see the Christmas Doctor Who? I watched it under duress and quite liked it but I’m troubled by the fate of the missing airmen…

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