Garrow’ Law

15 December 2011

I don’t watch much television – mostly because most shows are awful but also because I work from home and like to be able to honestly say that I don’t spend all day watching really terrible television. Instead, I watch really terrible films.

I’m in mourning right now as two of the few shows that I regularly watch are either at an end (Garrow’s Law) or coming to an end (Rev.) – they’d better both come back for another series next year! In the meantime though I have new episodes of Downton Abbey and Sherlock to perk me up over the Christmas holidays so it’s not all bad.

I came to Garrow’s Law rather late in the day but love it passionately now. Okay, some of the set details and costuming is on the thoughtless side of ropey (plus, how is Lady Sarah a Lady? Does she not therefore have a peer for a father who can use his influence on her behalf? And doesn’t her husband care about the succession of his title and name?) but the quality of the script, direction and acting more than compensates for such niggles. Plus I sort of fancy the actor who plays Garrow. I probably wouldn’t look twice at him without his wig on but c’est la guerre as we like to say while manning the barricades. Oh and I’d happily watch Rupert Graves act in pretty much ANYTHING.

For the unaware, Garrow’s Law is a BBC drama about a public spirited and pioneering barrister (who actually existed) with a complicated private life, operating in Georgian London with all its iniquities, squalor and social changes. Most of the action takes place outside the courtroom as Garrow deals with personal strife, gathers evidence and takes the odd beating but there’s also plenty of legal drama too – all based on actual trials from the time so there’s a mix of riots, murders, nasty slave traders, thieves and forgers.

It’s really fascinating, gripping and often touching viewing.

I watched the last episode of series three last night and was riveted from the very beginning. I won’t give away what happens but it was brilliant with a great courtroom battle, sad goodbyes and a happy ending plus a brief appearance of foxy Mr Fox himself. Cor etc.

I’d definitely recommend watching it if you get the chance.

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