Deathly Hallows part 2

2 December 2011

My blu-ray (I got the three disc version so I have a blu-ray, DVD and er something else) of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 arrived yesterday and I’m now on my second viewing as, and I make no apology, I love this film. I went to see it twice at the cinema as well and could cheerfully have gone a third or fourth time to be honest as it is just so darn good.

I’m wondering how many viewings it will take before it doesn’t make me sob my heart out though. I can’t help myself. I start crying when Minerva takes over at Hogwarts and kind of whimper my way through all of the rest with peak crying moments being Aberforth Dumbledore’s patronus charm (this really gets me and I don’t know why but I bought myself the relevant ‘Courtyard Apocalypse’ tune from the soundtrack so I can have a good old restorative cry whenever the mood takes me plus it’s GREAT for writing to), the whole Snape thing, the march back to the castle and then Neville’s speech, when I have to go and lie down for a bit.

The blu-ray is great as it comes with one of those fancy schmancy super commentary features where they have loads of people talking about the film, lots of information about the cgi, effects, props, music and script plus a close up look at the sets AND the deleted scenes stuck back where they ought to be so you get to see Tonks’ return to Lupin at Hogwarts (aw!), Dean getting ready to blow the bridge up and Slytherin house escaping from the dungeon among other things. It’s brilliant.

Um, plus it also includes confirmation that Lavender Brown did actually DIE. I know there was some dispute about this when the film originally came out but no she is definitely a GONER.

Yes, I’m one of those annoying people who watch films with the commentary switched on as I love to hear about the actual production process.

This isn’t one of the greatest films of all time but in terms of depth, it’s definitely up there on my top ten. I don’t think I can pick out a favourite bit but, and it’s probably an odd one, besides the bit when the school is attacked, I really love the bit towards the end when Voldemort comes to Hogwarts and calls for people to swap sides. Even the Slytherin house don’t go to him and I love the way that Draco wants to stay with Hogwarts and is clearly reluctant to go to his parents. Plus there’s the most awkward hug EVER between him and Voldemort. I don’t know why but I think that’s so beautifully done. Possibly because it elevates him from Mean Boy Bully and shows that he has been on his own journey through the films and is more complex than perhaps has been realised.

Anyway, it’s great and definitely required viewing for anyone who’s ever wanted to go back to their old school and smash the shit out of it. So there.

(You can read about how I Came To Love Harry Potter here.)

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