A Dark Victoriana Christmas

1 December 2011

Seeing as it’s now the first of December, I think I can now safely mention CHRISTMAS without enraging most of you. Thanks to Dickens, there are few things more evocative than what we fondly imagine to be a Victorian Christmas, complete with urchins pressing their faces longingly up against toy shop windows; plum puddings; dancing around the Christmas tree and tightfisted millionaires getting shown the error of their ways.

As long term readers of my blog and Twitter know, I like to refer to myself as a Victorian Prostitute Re-enactor, mainly because it sounds more dashing than ‘Ripperologist’ but also because my sartorial influences are From Hell and Helena Bonham Carter in, well, just about everything. I don’t just flounce about with unbrushed pink hair, ripped up flounced skirt and stinking of GIN though. No. I also like to surround myself with beautiful objects that are redolent of the dark flyblown rose that lies at the heart of the Victorian underworld.

Don’t ever call me steampunk though – or I’ll cut you.

Anyway, because it’s almost Christmas, here’s a Victorian themed present guide with a murderous GIN SCENTED twist…

Z is for Zillah Who Drank Too Much GIN.

GIN and Juice (juniper and berry) solid perfume.

Miniature GIN bottle necklace.

Poison and Antidote coffee cups. SERIOUS WANT here for these!

Jack the Ripper murder notice. I’m definitely buying one of these!

Jack the Ripper poster. Definitely getting one of these as well!

Gin and Tonic moustache wax. I kind of love this but am not sure what I would use it for!

Drink more GIN. I have one of these in my kitchen and it never fails to make me smile!

From Hell pendant. I’m getting one of these too!

The Nemesis of Neglect pendant.

Brothel token necklaces. I ADORE these and really must get around to buying one soon!

Tokyo Milk ‘Arsenic’ perfume – notes: Absinthe, Vanilla Salt, Cut Greens, Crushed Fennel.

Tokyo Milk ‘Absinthe’ lip elixir – notes: Anise, Mineral Salt, Citrus Peel, Crushed Herbs.

Alice in Wonderland gloves by Heavy Red.

Juniper Sling eau de toilette by Penhaligons.

Green Queen silver and Swarovski crystal necklace.

Lizzie Borden bag. I’d LOVE this.

Skull cameo bobby pins.

Anatomy votive candle holders.

Laudanum tea cup. I love this too. I love all of it in fact. I hope my husband reads this post and buys me ALL THE THINGS.

I hope you like this selection of treats drawn from the dark side of Victoriana. I’ll be doing another post like this later on in the month…

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