Marple and Poirot return to ITV

14 November 2011

In one of those weird serendipitous quirks that often happen (you know the sort – like when you REALLY fancy watching a certain film and turn on the television to find that it’s on later that evening), I have spent the last few days looking online to see if there is another series of Marple planned by the ITV only to be rewarded just now by the announcement that three more episodes are going into production next year.

Naturally, A Caribbean Mystery will be one of them although they really ought to have filmed it before it’s sequel Nemesis! The other two will be Endless Night, which is one of my favourite Christie books (I bet they change it so it has a ‘happy’ ending!), and The Seven Dials Mystery, which I am less keen on but ah well. Can’t wait to see the famously lurid Marple series in a tropical setting – it’s going to be Carmen Miranda a go go.

In other news, Poirot is back with FIVE MORE FILMS: Labours of Hercules, Dead Man’s Folly, Curtain, Elephants Can Remember and The Big Four. I seriously can’t wait. I’m less fond of Poirot than I am of Miss Marple but I love the ITV productions with their glossy art deco styling. The more recent films have been fantastically entertaining.

All I seem to do is talk about ITV shows at the moment (I don’t watch any of the ‘reality’ stuff nowadays but I do love a good drama) which is ironic I suppose as I was never allowed to watch it when I was growing up. It was BBC all the way chez nous when I was a girl and ITV was a guilty pleasure that I discovered while not really doing my finals at university.

Incidentally, has anyone heard anything about the dreadful sounding Miss Marple reboot with Jennifer Garner planned by Disney earlier this year or were the universal howls of indignation enough to make them quietly drop the scheme?