Juliette Has A Gun

14 November 2011

I first discovered Juliette Has A Gun quite by chance last year while browsing in the perfume department of Harvey Nichols in Bristol. I like to go there sometimes to think calming thoughts – it’s kind of like my Safe Place if you will.

I’ll admit that I was initially drawn to the names of Juliette Has A Gun perfumes – how could a French Revolution obsessive like myself ever resist scents called Lady Vengeance and Citizen Queen? Lady Vengeance makes me think of an extravagant Lady Highwayman in the mode of Adam Ant in his hot youth.

The perfumes themselves are absolutely gorgeous though. I am an impoverished writer so couldn’t afford to buy a whole bottle (they are on the pricey side) but I did manage to stump up the cash this month for a lovely packet of samples of each perfume in their range, which was a very bargainous €7.90 from their website.

The samples are more generous than I was expecting, with each one coming in its own dinky little envelope with a little card telling you all about them. It’s all very lovely.

Romantina – ‘An ode to insouciance‘ with Musk, orange blossom and Madagascan vanilla. Seriously beautiful.

Vengeance Extreme – ‘Not to be left in innocent hands‘, with patchouli, Bulgarian rose, Madagascan vanilla. Heady, romantic and evocative of eighteenth century Parisian ballrooms. I adore this.

Not A Perfume – ‘Minimalist, elegant, pure‘ and also apparently entirely allergen free as it has one single note of cetalox, which is usually used as a back note.

Miss Charming – ‘At first glance the Miss appears rather innocent, but don’t trust your intuition… if she’s a rose, don’t forget that she has thorns.‘ This has Moroccan rose, musk and wild berries.

Lady Vengeance – ‘He can smell… he can dream… but the decision lies in her hand.‘ This is a delicious concoction of Bulgarian rose, vanilla and patchouli. I love this – I put it on my wrist when I was ill recently as it helped me keep my standards up while bedridden in pyjamas.

Citizen Queen – ‘Romeo… be warned! Juliette is back, more uncatchable than ever!‘ This has leather, aldehydes, labdanum, iris and amber. I thought this would give me a massive headache but it’s actually my favourite out of the lot, which is lucky as I am in love with its name. When I eventually start my collection of Juliette Has A Gun fragrances, this is the one that I will start with.

Calamity J – ‘A fragrance without flowery or fruity notes… there is something of the dandy about this perfume, masculine yet sophisticated.’ This rather sensual iris, musk, amber and patchouli scent is designed to amplify upon contact with skin and takes some time to develop. I love it.

Midnight Oud – ‘A unique blend of luxurious amber and invigorating patchouli built around the complexity and deepness of oud.’ I haven’t tried this one yet but am intrigued – what is oud? I’m imagining something mysterious and smokey, which would be perfect for winter. In fact all of the perfumes I have tried so far have been perfect for the chillier months as they are so rich, flamboyant and warming with excellent staying power a slightly vintage side to them that I find most pleasing.

I’d better start saving up for a bottle!

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