Gin and tonic bath gel

11 November 2011

Darlings, I am currently indisposed with what appears to be the most unglamorous cold I have ever had in my whole life. I’m currently tucked up in bed for the second day in a row, watching The Holiday (I make no apology – I LOVE this film) and waiting for my husband to bring me noodles.

However, I just wanted to tell you about the lovely Gin and Tonic bathing foam that the lovely Handpicked Collection sent to me to try out. Now, as you all know I am VERY partial to GIN and so I was delighted to give it a whirl, even if my husband asked dubiously ‘Won’t you smell like a tramp?’ as I waved the glass bottle in his face in a Withnail like fashion.

I did have my doubts though when I took a sniff and found that it does actually smell pretty much exactly like gin and tonic, which is brilliant but did I really want to smell like it? I need not have worried though as upon contact with water, it became a lovely fresh lemony scent that’s really refreshing and zingy and perfect for a relaxing bath at this time of year. Just don’t get momentarily discombobulated and try to drink any of it.

I’d definitely recommend this lovely juniper and lemon bath gel as a present for any GIN lover you may have in your life. I adore the Handpicked Collection catalogue that came with it and have been doing the time honoured thing of putting rings around all the fabulous gift ideas that they have inside. I think I want pretty much everything! Um, to get for everyone else of course…

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