Who wears it best? (Big Wig Challenge)

20 October 2011

Well, despite my wondering if it was my very worst post, my post about hot men in Tudor shirts (I am now having nightmares imagining the search terms this will engender) was hailed as one of my greatest blog posts and got you all swooning over Henry Cavill and a host of others. My only regret was that Aidan Turner was in The Tudors for such a short period of time (mere seconds in fact) that we never got to see him in a shirt or indeed shirtless.

Let’s all take a break there for a minute shall we?

Okay, I’m back. Perhaps it’s too soon but seeing as I’ve been banging on a lot about the enormous and mostly ignored allure of the seventeenth century, here’s a host of frankly astonishing hotness for you to feast your eyes upon.

Rufus Sewell as Charles II in Charles II: The Power and the Passion.

Johnny Depp as Rochester in The Libertine (until his nose falls off).

Anthony Higgins as Mr Neville in The Draughtsman’s Contract.

John Simm as Edward Sexby in The Devil’s Whore.

Michael Fassbender as Thomas Rainsborough in The Devil’s Whore.

Michael Fassbender as Guy Fawkes in Gunpowder, Treason and Plot.

Robert Downey Jnr as Robert Merivale in Restoration.

Who is your favourite? Who have I left out other than Rupert Graves as Buckingham in Charles II: Power and Passion? I couldn’t find any decent pictures of him in it. I may have to screen grab him at some point…

Those fontanges hair ornaments were horrible weren’t they? I’ve never really understood the story about how Louis XIV’s nice but dim mistress Mademoiselle des Fontanges ‘invented’ them after having to tie her dishevelled hair up with a scrap of lace while out hunting. What sort of hair and lace combination produces this bizarre creation?

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