11 October 2011

Quite a few people have asked if my first novel, The Secret Diary of a Princess is available in anything other than Kindle format and I just thought I’d let you all know that it is now also available for $3 from Smashwords for a whole plethora of platforms including Nook, Kobo and Sony Reader as well as a PDF that can be read on your computer! Woo. I know.

The dramatic and often tragic years of Marie Antoinette’s early life, told in her own words. This book follows her privileged childhood and adolescence in the beautiful palaces of Vienna as the youngest and least important of the daughters of the all powerful Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and invites the reader to share the long journey, both emotional and physical that ended with her marriage to the Dauphin Louis of France at Versailles.

This is the unforgettable story of a charming, fun loving and frivolous young girl, destined for greatness, coming to age in one of the most magnificent and opulent courts that the world has ever seen.

‘As soon as the introductions were over, the King took my hand and led me to the Dauphin, who I had barely noticed since entering the room. He seemed to be trying his best to hide from view and looked uncomfortable and ill at ease in his suit of white satin, sewn all over with diamonds and gold embroidery and I noticed with irritation that he was scratching at his neck underneath the fine white linen of his shirt collar, leaving red scratch marks beneath his powdered wig.

‘Are you ready?’ the King asked as he gave my hand to the Dauphin. ‘All of Versailles awaits you.’

I nodded, feeling the Dauphin’s hand grow hot and clammy against my own. ‘I am ready.’

In other book news, I am romping towards my thousandth sale on Kindle! I know this won’t sound like much to most of you, but when you’re always being told, sneeringly, that the average self published book sells less than ten copies, I think a bit of celebration is allowed!

Oh yes, and Blood Sisters, my saga set during the upheaval, drama and woe of the French Revolution is still 99c from Amazon US and 86p from Amazon UK for the next 24 hours.

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