Happy birthday to me!

10 October 2011

It’s my birthday today. To be honest, I’m a bit of a grinch about birthdays and can never decide if there is insufficient or rather too much fuss made about them. Probably the latter. However, my husband always makes an immense effort and gets me lovely presents and stuff so I have to be gracious about the whole thing!

Except for the misadventures of Saturday, this has been a good week all things considered.

I made vegan pepperoni pizza! I thought it was going to be HORRIBLE but actually it was rather nice. I’ve promised to make Dave a vegan pepperoni calzone for our anniversary this week.

I have another photograph of me arm in arm with the DIVINE Cary Grant. I need to work out how to pose properly and not screw my face up when someone is taking my photograph. This was taken on our way to my birthday lunch at Las Iguanas, which was rather nice. I had non alcoholic mojitos and we had nice vegan! butternut squash and coconut soup followed by a sweet potato and chickpea chilli.

This was followed by a vegan strawberry and vanilla cupcake from Swinky’s, where I was also given jelly beans because it is my birthday!

One of my most favourite birthday presents is a takeaway tiffin from the fabulous Thali Cafe, who have branches all over Bristol. The idea is that you own a tiffin and take it to their restaurant to have it filled with three curries and rice for just £8, which is pretty bargainous – especially as it is enough to feed two people! Oh I love it so. I feel like I’ve REALLY moved back now that it is sitting in my kitchen!

Let’s stop dwelling on food! I’m now half way through Daisy Goodwin’s brilliant and lusciously evocative and glamorous book My Last Duchess, which is just fabulous and is very much based on the life of the gorgeous Consuelo Vanderbilt. I love it and will be doing a proper full review when I’ve finished. I’ve also just finished That Woman by Anne Sebba, which is about Wallis Simpson and a very entertaining and interesting read.

I’ve been trying not to buy clothes lately but I’ve fallen a bit in love with this dress from Yumi, which I spotted on my way past their shop this afternoon. I’m an impoverished writer so it will never be mine but oh I’m a sucker for a star print.

Which reminds me – my latest book, Blood Sisters is 86p from Amazon UK and 99c from Amazon US for the next 48 hours because it’s my birthday. Please please leave a review if you’ve enjoyed it!