Downton Abbey (again)

4 October 2011

Oh, Downton Abbey – you started like a lamb but appear to be going out like a lion. Or something. I wasn’t too keen on the first two episodes but the third one in the new season has made me remember why I loved you so much last year.

I think that I have really gone off Mr Bates now. It’s not me, it’s him. I just can’t respect or even slightly fancy someone so weak. Yes, yes he’s supposed to be all self sacrificial and all that, but honestly, who’d want to live with that and the constant fear of gentle recrimination on a daily basis? Not me.

Seriously, Mr Bates, stop being so bloody wet and get a grip on yourself, man.

Instead, I have transferred my fickle affections to the Hot Irish Chauffeur. At least self sacrifice appears to be pretty low on his agenda.

I have to say too (well, I don’t HAVE to say it but since when has that stopped me?) that I’ve gone off Lady Mary as well. I get that she’s supposed to be the heroine of the piece (actually, is she?) but I find her too icily mercenary to really warm to. I always thought Lady Sybil was ace (I know the concept of the Super Modern Upper Class Girl Struggling Against Her Pre-Ordained Destiny is enough to get your collective teeth itching but I happen to like it as a trope) and now to my surprise I find myself warming to Lady Edith as well. I think there’s something very Nancy Mitford Character about her, which is always pleasing.

I have to say though that the whole Daisy and William situation makes me feel very uncomfortable indeed. Poor lambs. Don’t worry though, Daisy, he’s far too happy about going to war to come back alive…

Anyway, in tribute to re-awakened love and also the fact that Lady Mary only seems to have one evening dress, here’s a peep at some heavenly Callot Soeurs dresses from the WWI period, which are all housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York…

This dress is a bit earlier (c1910), but I had to include it as I love it so much…

Oh and just look at these two Boullé Soeurs court presentation dresses – I love the way that they manage to mimic formal court panniers and have trains, while still retaining some flapper style!

Here’s another Boué Sisters dress, which looks like just the sort of thing that I would LOVE to find in the attic and then wear on special occasions forever afterwards. It’s perfection.