The last seven days…

30 August 2011

I had a bit of a revelation earlier today when I realised that my blog is nothing like a lot of the blogs that I really enjoy reading and, in fact, most aspire to be like. How odd is that? I suppose we bloggers evolve our own style over time and as this blog was started in a reaction against the suffocatingly malevolent atmosphere of Live Journal, I originally set out with a determination not to share anything of myself with readers. That’s fallen by the wayside over the intervening two years, of course and so I thought I might as well make a regular thing of it and post a weekly update, usually on a Sunday afternoon about the highlights of the preceding seven days.

Well, if you’re going to get wet, you might as well go swimming, right?

  • Dave and I have been really into Thai curry lately – it’s perfect for our vegan diet, so long as we can find all the bits and pieces without fish paste in them. Tonight’s dinner was a Moroccan tagine type thing, for which I was a Cheaty McCheater and used a sauce by a company called The Curry Sauce Co. Even the children enjoyed it, which is saying something. They were certainly rather keener on the couscous element than I had expected.
  • We have grotty weather right now and I’m afraid that I’ve given up on summer altogether now and am looking forward to Halloween and lovely Autumn. I’ve started lighting candles every evening to make the house feel cosier – I’m getting really into it and even have a wish list for Yankee Candles on my mobile phone. I’m planning to get Creamy Caramel, Lavender Vanilla, Vanilla Cupcake, Candy Corn and Spiced Pumpkin first and can’t wait.
  • I’ve been slacking off the writing for the last day or so and have been reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and loving it. Felix and I went to see The Deathly Hallows II again last week and I’ve been intrigued ever since by Draco Malfoy’s seeming change of heart in the last two films. I can’t wait to see what he does in the book.
  • I’ve been spending far too much time listening to Fields of the Nephilim lately. As regular readers will already know, the Neph were one of my favourite bands if not THE favourite band when I was growing up and I thought Carl McCoy was just the epitome of loveliness. I’ve neglected them for a while but have found myself listening to them again lately, particularly some tracks on The Nephilim album and, well, really they are still amazing. I’ve also been listening to a lot of stuff by The Kidneythieves (Before I Die is a fantastic track – it’s played at the very end of Queen of the Damned) lately.
  •  I’ve never really rated The Duchess as a film but watched it again the other night and enjoyed it rather more. I wish they had gone into Georgiana’s complexities and accomplishments a bit more rather than focussing on all the scandal and woe of her life though. Also it’s really hard for me to see Ralph Fiennes as anything other than He Who Must Not Be Named these days.
  • As a reward for doing the P&G 1930s Housewife Challenge (no reward was necessary really as I had a lovely time but it’s nice to be appreciated) I was sent a gift voucher for the Lido in Clifton, which is a bit exciting. I’ve now booked myself in for a full day of swimming, lounging around reading, vegan lunch and then an hour long Hawaiian face pummelling. I can’t wait!
  • Fashion wise, I’m getting bored with having bright pink hair (strangely, it is possible to get fed up with this – who would have thought it?) and am considering going a paler baby pink or maybe a teal blue green. I’m also obsessed with moonstones, chartreuse green Chanel nail polish, fig perfume (let’s face it, I’m ALWAYS obsessed with fig scents) and star print on dresses.
  • Autumn must be coming as I’m thinking about starting the boys on porridge tomorrow morning as it is so much more warming. We also bought a big bottle of Morgan’s spiced rum this afternoon, which I’m looking forward to starting and I’m thinking I may have to get some Winter PIMMS as well. I’ve also decided that from now on I am going to bake at least one (vegan) cake and a batch of cookies or cupcakes every week.
  • We’re lucky enough to live a few minutes walk away from a vast Victorian cemetery called Arnos Vale, which is just beautiful and so peaceful. The only thing is that although it is perfect for afternoon walks (and they sell lovely lavender plants in their shop at the gates), it leads to some really awkward questions from Felix.
  • I’ve been thinking a lot about the Princess Diana YA novel and am so grateful for all the wonderful and encouraging feedback that I have had about it. I would seriously love to write it and have even worked a few things out for it but I am really not sure that legally I would be able to do so no matter how careful and respectful I intended to be about everyone involved.
So how was that? A nice change or too much of a change? I’ll only be posting like this once a week and to be honest I’m really hoping that it makes me take more photographs, do more interesting things and er make the effort to put make up on in the morning…

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