W.E. with utterly gratuitous John Simm

15 August 2011

On the other hand, just look at Andrea Riseborough (you may recall her from dreary English Civil War drama The Devil’s Whore, about which the only good thing was a stubbly, scarred and slightly malevolent John Simm) as Wallis Simpson in these Vanity Fair shoot about Madonna’s upcoming film W.E.


I’m a huge HUGE fan of James D’Arcy but have to say I’m not convinced by his David/Edward VIII/Duke of Windsor (pick whichever name you prefer) here.

Can’t wait to see Natalie Dormer’s Queen Elizabeth as well but can she pull off a part that Helena Bonham-Carter pretty much OWNS now?

Oh no, I made the mistake of mentioning a stubbly, scarred and slightly malevolent John Simm at the start of those post didn’t I and so you haven’t paid attention to a single word, have you? Very well, here you go…