Harry Potter redux

5 August 2011

I’ve already written about my unexpected late adopter liking for Harry Potter or ‘Arry Potters’ as my two year old prefers to call him, but now that I’ve signed up for Pottermore I have realised that I have more to say on the subject so here we all are again.

The thing is that my liking for the Harry Potter series has now blossomed into full on LOVE.The turning point came when I realised that like me, Harry was raised by people who didn’t like him at all so of course I ought to be sympathetic to his plight. Unlike him, I am not remarkable in any way but even so it’s comforting in a way and I can totally relate to his longing for family.

It’s still weird though. I mean, I’ve previously been so adamant that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES would I consider so much as reading ONE LINE of a Harry Potter book that to find myself an out and out FANGIRL is more than a little bit disconcerting. I have favourite characters (Remus Lupin)! I think I know what house I would have wanted to be sorted into (Ravenclaw)! Oh God, there’s no hope for me is there?

I’m currently reading my way through the books one after the other, although Potter Purists have haughtily informed me that this is The Wrong Way To Read Them and that actually I should be locking them away and waiting a year between each book so as to replicate the authentic Harry Potter Experience. Um, okay, but what if I’m actually enjoying them so much that I just want to read them all through?

They are good books actually. People often sneer at Jo Rowlings’ writing but I think it’s actually really good. As a historical fiction writer, I really appreciate the vast amounts of world building that goes into her books – every single thing is described and explained as the text goes along, which has the effect of making the wizarding world so much more real and drawing the reader headlong further and further into it.

I’m surprised by how different the books and films are – in fact I am now viewing the films with a very different eye, noting the differences and at times feeling as though I haven’t actually watched them properly before because actually even though you think you are following the story, it does make a lot more sense if you’ve read the book as well.

I went to see the second Deathly Hallows film last week with a friend and absolutely loved it. In fact I’m going again next week with my son as he’s desperate to see it and er I’d kind of like to see it all over again. I’ll have to try not to cry though or I’ll never hear the end of it! Oh Neville Longbottom though, what a HERO.

It doesn’t end there though – just look at this!

In fairness, I’m not making this for me but oh dear. Felix, the designated recipient, is THRILLED by it though! I’m mostly just very very impressed with myself for having got this far, considering that I was only taught how to knit five days ago…

Sssh, and don’t tell him but Lacock Abbey is just down the road from us so I’m planning a trip there sometime this summer so we he can pretend to be at Hogwarts.

I’ve got it so bad.

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