Half a million page views!

20 July 2011

Well, it has taken just over two years to reach this point but this rather silly blog hit HALF A MILLION page views early this morning, which is rather amazing.

I’m stunned actually. I started this blog because I was fed up with feeling like I couldn’t talk about the things that really interested me on Live Journal any more because most of the people reading my journal thought history and art are booooooring. The fools! However, after seven years of Live Journal, I’d come to the conclusion that if you weren’t having some petty row with some vile termagant or discussing the failings of your non existent love life in mortifying detail then no one would be interested.

How wrong I was.

I feel like I should do something spectacular to mark this point in my blog’s own history, but I’m not sure what to say so I’m sitting here like an unprepared Oscar winner, clutching my gold statuette and struggling for words like some sort of idiot. Maybe if I cry a bit people won’t notice that I’m actually pretty inarticulate really?

It occurred to me that as I reach such a milestone, some of you may be wanting to know what my Blogging Secrets are but to be honest there are few things I dislike more (this isn’t true – I dislike a lot of things, including aubergines, wasps, sharks, deep water, lifts and barbecue sauce) than prescriptive blog posts telling other people how they should be blogging. Plus I don’t have anything to say other than that much as I love blogging, I think it’s possible to over think the whole process.

My husband suggested that I write a post with links to my favourite blog posts but I just can’t choose! There’s been high points though – the time I (a committed Ripperologist) discovered that I’m descended from a H Division copper who was working in Whitechapel in 1888, my little Twitter chat with Russell Crowe, for example or getting to hang out with the Surveyor of the Queen’s Pictures at Windsor Castle (there was a chance I might get to see HM herself walking her corgis past where we were chatting but alas it was not to be).

There’s also been lovely visits to Bath Fashion Museum, the Conciergerie, Versailles, Kensington Palace and Dennis Severs’ House. Ooh and I almost forgot the Whitechapel II premiere last autumn!

I’ve been very fortunate.

Perhaps what this blog is best known for are flouncy history posts about such subjects as Marie Antoinette’s beauty secrets, Royal Weddings, the clothes upper class passengers would have worn on the Titanic, vintage wedding dresses, the doomed Princesse Joseph de Monaco, Lucile Desmoulins and famous jewels. Phew!

Also, how about all the support I’ve had from you all while publishing my first book about the young Marie Antoinette and then embarking on my second and third novels? I couldn’t have gone so far without all of you cheerleading me on so thank you for that. I’m really excited about you all getting to read my next books – in fact it’s the thought of sharing them with you that keeps me writing.

I think that’s enough blubbing for now. I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has read this blog over the last two years.

What’s coming next? Paris, more Ripperology, two book releases, a new book to write and a lot of flouncing…

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