The gorgeous paintings of Lisa Falzon

20 April 2011

I came upon Lisa Falzon’s amazing art blog quite by chance the other day and have been longing to share it with you all ever since BUT I couldn’t until I had decided which of her art prints I wanted to buy from her Etsy store. I was seized with a terrible panic, you see that you would all love her paintings as much as I do and rush off and buy them all before I got a chance to get my order in!

All is well though for I have now (with Dave’s help) chosen:

Napoleon and Josephine.  How adorable is this pouty Josephine with poor little Napoleon literally wrapped around her little finger? I just couldn’t resist this painting and am going to put it in pride of place in my sitting room.

Elizabeth I. Dave really likes this one too – it’s regal but also very mystical at the same time, I think. Elizabethan portraits are full to the brim of weird and wonderful symbolism and I think that if Nicholas Hilliard had come up with something like this for one of the Queen’s portraits, she would have very much approved!

I really want the one of Anne Boleyn as well but am trying not to spend all my Starving Author Fund on art and books so will have to wait a bit before getting it. How lovely it is though – I adore the sad ‘Oh God, don’t look at me, I know you told me so’ look in her eyes. It’s so so beautiful. Oh, I should have just bought it shouldn’t I? Woe.

Marie Antoinette. How sweet is this? I love this style of painting so much – it is so dreamy and romantic and at the same time slightly eerie. It’s fabulous.

Gorgeous aren’t they? I’ve decided that if I self publish Before The Storm, I am going to save up and try to commission the cover from Lisa.

All images copyright of Lisa Falzon.