A quick trip to Bath

7 April 2011


I just thought I’d share some more photographs from my trip to Bath last week. I decided to try out the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone and ended up with some splendidly eerie and gloomy shots of the city. Hope you like them!

An archway beside the Pump Rooms, where the Georgian visitors to Bath would have taken the waters and perused the infamous book to see who the new arrivals were. I always think of Catherine Morland and her horrid frenemy Isabella flirting with all the young men whenever I go here.

A view down the side of the Pump Rooms towards the Abbey.

The Royal Crescent, once and still the most prestigious address in Bath.

The Circus. No, not that sort of Circus – it’s the round square that I told you about before. I really need to find out what a round square is called don’t I? Before I embarrass myself even more.

Madame la Princesse de Lamballe stayed in this house, 1 Royal Crescent when she visited Bath.

The Assembly Rooms, which now house the Fashion Museum, although you can still see the original ballroom and card room. The interior has been used for all sorts of films and programmes such as Persuasion, The Duchess and er Bonekickers.

The Abbey again.

I’m not actually sure where this is but it caught my eye as I was walking past so I decided to take a photo because it really does last longer than me standing there gawking like a love struck fool in the middle of the pavement.

I love the angels climbing their ladder on the wall of the Abbey.

Pulteney Bridge. I’m such an idiot – in my mind, you can stand on the bridge and look out across the river, but actually you can’t so I’m going to have to edit my book a bit! Oops. And this is why Research Trips are very very important for writers…

Want to see some pictures of some of the pieces in the Fashion Museum now?

They have an exhibition of wedding dresses on at the moment, which is rather lovely. Some of the dresses were superb but to be honest I just love looking at wedding dresses! I’m going back for the film costume exhibition this summer and am looking forward to getting another look at the collection of photographs of vintage Worth wedding gowns that they had on the walls. Truly breathtaking!

Sorry, I love this Karl Lagerfield for Chanel outfit. This is the one that Kate Moss wore on her birthday a few years ago isn’t it?

And finally, something very special indeed: the oldest gown in the museum. It’s a beautiful silver tissue gown from the seventeenth century (1660s).  I love the fact that it still shimmers – that’s silly, I know but you really should see the lustre of the skirts, even now.