Julie & Julia

5 April 2011

Thanks to Sky Movies, I’ve been watching Julie & Julia a LOT lately. I think I try to watch it whenever it is on in fact, I am SO into it. That’s a bit sad isn’t it but I’ve always been one for playing songs on repeat (currently on repeat is Girl I Love You by Massive Attack) and it seems that I am just as sadly obsessive about films too.

It’s a great film though – I’m not madly keen on Books From Blogs to be honest and so haven’t actually read the book that it is based on, but Julie and Julia is just heavenly if you like cooking, writing and a bit of good old fashioned whimsy. There is not a single thing that I don’t like about this film.* It’s such a warm romantic tale with two intertwining stories – of Julie, the modern frustrated writer and lover of food and Julia, the fifties (?) cookery writer who is lucky enough to train in Paris. Oh, I adore it so much.

The bit that always gets me though is when Julie (the modern day blogger) gets a call from a journalist who tells her that her ‘perfect’ heroine Julia Child ‘hates’ her. That scene just never fails to really make me feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach – I feel so deflated, sad and, weirdly, ANGRY for her. I mean, imagine if Marie Antoinette or Madame Vigée Lebrun manifested in my sitting room right now and told me that they hated my blog? Wow. I’d be devastated.

I really admire the way that, upset though she undoubtedly is, Julie dusts herself off and carries on not just writing her blog about following Julia Child’s cookery book but also continues to speak of her with admiration and love. That’s so cool. Or maybe it is just me who would react to a blow like that by deleting the whole blog and swearing an undying enmity for my former muse. There’s a lesson to be learned there, I think…

I also love the scene when Julia gets the letter from a publisher who wants to take on her now famous book, and she goes outside and just holds the envelope to her bosom in the most ecstatic fashion. Surely one of the most magical moments in any writer’s life, beautifully rendered.

There should be a special mention also for the long suffering and immensely supportive husbands of both heroines – they really are stars in their own right and seriously, it makes me so grateful for my own husband who is like my own little (okay 6’4″) cheerleader. It would be impossible to be more encouraging than he is about both my blogging and my writing, even though he isn’t exactly thrilled by history.

In summary, it’s a great film and if you’re writer and the scene when Julie’s answer machine goes CRAZY doesn’t make your heart skip a little hopeful beat, then frankly you must be made of GRANITE.


*Okay, there’s one thing I don’t like – I’m a strict vegetarian and tend to wince through the scenes involving lobstercide.

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