The Miss Marple Debacle

30 March 2011

Possibly the title of this post is somewhat excessive and bordering on hyperbole, but I don’t think so. Terrible things, my dear ones. Disney want to do TERRIBLE THINGS to my beloved Miss Marple.

I wasn’t actually too perturbed to hear that they had decided to cast Jennifer Garner, who at thirty eight years old is not exactly an old biddy, as Agatha Christie’s iconic sleuth Miss Marple. I had visions, you see, of a younger more active Miss Marple solving crimes in turn of the century England. I think I got a bit confused with Rachel McAdams’ turn as Irene Adler in Sherlock Holmes actually as I envisaged Miss Marple as a feisty crime fighter in red velvet.

However, I then learned more – the dreaded word ‘revamp’ was uttered and then finally it transpires that it isn’t to be set in England at all. Quel surprise. No, it’s to be updated to ‘modern America’. I really hope that this isn’t true. I mean, for a start surely Miss Marple + Modern America = Murder She Wrote?

Oh, it’s all wrong. Like I said, I was open to the idea of a film about the ‘young’ Miss Marple – I imagine people complained about Young Sherlock Holmes before it came out and that was actually a pretty good film. I didn’t even mind Jennifer Garner being cast as Miss Marple:  I’m not so precious that I go mad about American actors playing British characters – after all we owe you one for Vivien Leigh playing Scarlett O’Hara. I just… I don’t know, this just sounds TERRIBLE doesn’t it?

Or does it? What do you think? Can it work? Are you feeling irrationally (or rationally) furious about the whole thing? I really love the new ITV Marple adaptations by the way so possibly a lot of you think I have no right to an opinion at all…


Speaking of which, come on ITV – when are you going to make Murder in the Caribbean?

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