The Queen, Coronation 1953 issue – vintage heaven

10 March 2011

I bought my first copy of The Queen magazine’s Coronation special edition from a book shop in Hay on Wye as a little girl. I absolutely treasured that magazine and used to love looking at the amazing adverts inside. Sadly though it came to the same fate as the rest of my Royal Collection but that’s all in the past as I now have a replacement!

There’s loads of adverts and pictures in this magazine so I’ve picked out some of the best to share with you all!

Besides interesting photographs and a LOT of information about the coronation itself, there’s also some fantastic adverts – want to see some?

I am a strict vegetarian and LOATHE the idea of fur and to be honest, I wasn’t sure about including a fur advert in this post but the two that I scanned were so elegant as photographs in their own right that I decided to go ahead. FUR IS VERY VERY VERY BAD AND WRONG though. DON’T BUY FUR.

I always think there’s something a bit sinister going on this picture…


Sorry, couldn’t resist posting this one.

I couldn’t resist this one either – note the TOTALLY MAD REN AND STIMPY EYES of women caught in the downward spiral of desperate amphetamine and GIN benders.

Anyway, I hope you liked this. Sorry that it’s a bit picture heavy but I found it really hard to choose which pictures to feature.

Thanks by the way for making my Kindle launch day such a success – if you missed it, my novel about Marie Antoinette is now available from Amazon US and Amazon UK!

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