Woman’s Own Royal Wedding 1981 edition

5 March 2011

I saw this on Ebay the other day and couldn’t resist it! It’s actually the third copy that I’ve owned – the first two had quite sad demises but hopefully this one will be better looked after! Isn’t it fabulous though? It’s a really interesting read actually – not just because there’s full page cigarette adverts inside! There’s also silver embossing on some of the pages, which is something I haven’t seen in a magazine since. It’s really pretty!

The articles inside are great – there’s a letter’s page devoted to wedding stories and various articles about the royal couple and their romance as well as a ‘Win a Wedding fit for a Princess’ competition, which gives an interesting glimpse into what the aspiring 1981 bride was into!

The prizes include a two week honeymoon in Jamaica; the ‘economical and fun to drive’ Vauxhall Chevette (worth a princely £3,069 at the time of going to press); a ‘memorable reception’ provided by the Dutch Dairy, Fruit and Vegetable and also Meat Bureaus; a wedding night of YOUR DREAMS in the Inn On Park Lane in London; a beauty day at Harvey Nichols with hair styling by John Freda and make up by Barbara Daley; a Bellville Sassoon wedding dress; £100 of stuff from Elizabeth Arden; a pale peach nightgown and negligée by Janet Reger and oh, you get the general idea.

Touchingly, the person who originally bought this magazine back in August 1981 entered the competition – I wonder if they won?

This article on the pageantry of the wedding day is interesting as it explains every stage of Charles and Diana’s journeys to St Paul’s Cathedral.

Now, this is fun! It’s instructions about how to create your very own Royal Wedding commemorative tablecloth! Who could resist?! You can’t see from the scan but the photos here are highlighted with silver.

Even better is this feature on royal wedding breakfasts, complete with a lurid photograph of what I can only call Eighties Food. There’s also recipes for such delights as asparagus rolls, chilled watercress soup (Prince Charles’ favourite!), melon and grape cocktail, peach delight and prawn crescents. Yum.

Can you see the wedding breakfast menu of George VI and the Queen Mother? Consommé à la Windsor; Supremes de Saumon, Reine Mary; Cotelettes d’Agneau, Prince Albert; Jambon et Langue découpés à l’Aspic, Salade Royale; Asperges Sauce Crème Mousseuse and then to finish: Fraises Duchesse Elizabeth and Paniers de Friandises.

Ah, now this is LOVELY. It’s a short story about Georgiana Spencer, Duchess of Devonshire by the Upstairs, Downstairs writer Molly Hardwick. I’m slightly perturbed that the portrait the illustrator used is one of Georgiana’s frenemy Lady Bess Foster by Angelica Kauffman but that’s a minor quibble!

Nice plates! Only £9.50 a pair which was probably about um £468639778 in today’s dirty money!

An article on what is so great about Princess Diana’s style. Poor girl. She seemed so ancient to me when I was a little girl but now I just feel so sorry for her. I mean she was just twenty years old for crying out loud and look at the way they made her dress! Good grief.

I particularly enjoyed this article about the Emanuels – especially the bit that goes: ‘The Emanuels – who have two small children – come from different backgrounds; he is the son of a Welsh steel worker, she the daughter of an American stockbroker – but they speak English without accents.’ Oh, jolly good. That’s okay then!

And finally, an interesting article about some of the highlights of the royal jewel collection!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post! My husband is quite fond of telling me that this magazine is older than he is – cheeky swine! Anyhow, if you liked this post, I have an even more spectacular one coming up next week!

PS – This is my first post on my brand spanking new MacBook Pro, which my very nice husband bought for me today. I’m in LOVE.

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