Wedding dresses in the Met Museum

2 March 2011

This is heinously embarrassing but when I was a teenager I used to buy wedding magazines. Yes, that’s right. I dread to think what the local newsagent thought as I sidled in once every month to buy copies of Wedding and Home and You and Your Wedding but at the time it barely troubled me – so desperate was I to lay my hands on the gorgeous glossy tomes filled with pictures of divinely beautiful dresses.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that my own wedding was surely spectacular after so many years of feverish preparation but no, it wasn’t at all. In fact so un-bride like did I look at my wedding that a nasty old lady asked me on the way in who the bride was at the wedding and when I replied that it was me gave me a horrid look up and down and asked ‘Are you sure?’

I really regret this now but unless I remarry or have a vow renewal (leaving ourselves open to suspicion of reconciliation after adultery) I will have to put up with it, hide the photos and instead just carry on enjoying the beautiful gowns worn by others.

All of the pictures of dresses in this post come from the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Again, I could have chosen dozens from their huge collection but I managed to restrain myself somewhat.

American, silk, 1880.

American, silk, 1879.

American, silk, 1855-62.

American, silk, 1858.

American, silk, 1880.

American, silk, 1882.

American, cotton, 1873.

American, silk, 1872.

French, 1866.

American or European, 1879.

American, 1881.

American, 1928.

American or European, 1880.

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