Death on the Nile – dressed by White Stuff and So Glad and Very…

17 February 2011

Death on the Nile is one of Agatha Christie’s masterpieces – a story of passion, ambition, greed and murder enacted under the blazing pink tinted sky of 1930’s Egypt.

It’s the tale of two very different girls who somehow become best friends: clever, ruthless, beautiful Linnet and dramatic, voluble, bohemian Jackie. It can only end in disaster when both women find themselves competing for the same man.

I immediately thought of Linnet and Jackie as I looked through the So Glad and Very look book (So Glad and Very is the more exclusive online and in store sister of White Stuff) and thought it might be fun to use some of their pieces to dress the main characters…

Linnet Doyle – the richest, luckiest, most beautiful girl in all the world. Adored by her father and inheriting enormous wealth after his death, Linnet is used to having her own way at all times and doesn’t suffer fools. When she meets her best friend Jackie’s handsome fiancé Simon, she is determined to have him at any cost…

Pearl dress, So Glad and Very, £75. Perfect for making an entrance into the dining room of a vintage Nile cruise ship, while hanging off the arm of a handsome man that you nabbed from your best friend. Elegant but demure. ‘Who, me? He never loved her anyway.’

Broadway cardigan, White Stuff, £37.50. Egypt is sultry during the day but can become chilly at night so an elegant slimline cardigan is a must to protect your arms from the soft Nile breeze. Hot or cold though, the Nile is always dangerous…

Arkam cluster necklace, White Stuff, £9. Linnet’s pearls are legendary but she also has a weakness for over sized statement pieces that show off her slender neck. Her taste is both exquisitely elegant and also magnificently over the top – either way she wants people to turn and stare when she walks into the room.

Worship Me bracelet, White Stuff, £10.

Collette bag, White Stuff, £89.95. A functional but elegant day bag is a necessity when you are a disgustingly wealthy heiress – who knows when you’ll need to cart important dossiers around with your lipstick?

Dahlia tunic, So Glad and Very, £70. Perfect for an afternoon spent wandering around a ruined temple with your new husband. This would look good with an oversized straw hat and a pair of dark sunglasses. Exquisite Linnet knows better than to attempt to wear this as a dress though so team it with black leggings or capri trousers.

Love Stroll necklace, White Stuff, £22.50. This could have been picked up at a jewelery stall in Cairo.

Printed silk scarf, White Stuff, £22.50. Beautiful Linnet has a huge collection of silk scarfs which she knots around her head (not a la Amy Winehouse!) to protect her carefully dressed fair hair from the blistering heat and sand.

Flavia skirt, So Glad and Very, £60. Elegant, tasteful and gorgeously floaty, this is perfect for steamy hot days spent wandering the souks of Cairo, cool afternoons taking tea on the terrace of the cruise ship as it meanders down the Nile or an elegant after hours party drinking mint juleps and gimlets with your fellow passengers.

Lucy top, So Glad and Very, £35.

Charlotte shoulder bag, White Stuff, £65. Unusual and beautiful – if someone asked what two words Linnet would use to describe herself, this is what she would say. Let her have three words and she’d add ‘rich’.

Jacqueline de Bellefort – dramatic, excitable, creative but sadly penniless descendant of French aristocrats. No one is sure what drew ambitious Linnet and flighty Jacqueline together at school, but they were inseparable as girls. How times change. Jacqueline is fiercely loyal and when she loves, she gives all of her heart…

Sweetie Tweetie dress, White Stuff, £69.95. Jackie is unashamedly bohemian in her behaviour, appearance and attitude and would be instantly drawn to this quirky but still pretty dress with its unusual pattern. Linnet may think it is a ‘bit much’ but to Jackie it is perfection.

Friendly Dragonfly bracelet, White Stuff, £10.50. Jackie has a magpie like eye for what she calls ‘shinies’ and this is just the sort of thing that she would be drawn to at a Parisian flea market.

Trapeze Heart necklace, White Stuff, £15. Jacqueline is proud to wear her heart on her sleeve – when she loves, she does so wholeheartedly; abandoning herself to the moment. There is a flip side to this of course as when she hates, she does so with an undying, burning enmity…

Trinket bag, White Stuff, £65. Jacqueline is chaotic, disorganised and impetuous so she needs a really good bag that she can throw everything inside.

Ali dress, So Glad and Very, £75. A perfect dress for visiting ruined palaces on the banks of the Nile – comfortable, pretty and with a bright splash of colour. Jacqueline would team this with a matching raspberry pink lipstick and some extravagantly large sunglasses.

Hop Skip cardigan, White Stuff, £49.95.

Jasmine bead necklace, White Stuff, £6. Simple and pretty, with an almost home made look. Jacqueline knows that great accessories are the key to the perfect outfit. Her ancestors lived at Versailles so she has an inherited weakness for a bit of glitz and shine.

Big Bold Beads, White Stuff, £12.50.

Anya skirt, So Glad and Very, £65. Jackie knows that her colourful, over the top personality can carry off a bold print like this one.

All My Heart bracelet, White Stuff, £10. What better way to keep your eyes on the prize than to wear a bracelet to remind yourself that whatever you do, you are doing it for love…

Oh, that was fun! And now I want everything from the new White Stuff season too!