The Spencer tiara

16 February 2011

Of course the most beautiful wedding dress deserves the perfect finishing touch! I decided that the Spencer tiara, as worn by Princess Diana on her wedding day deserved a post of its own as it is so special. I really love its pretty, curved, floral details which are such a contrast to the heavy, stately tiaras usually worn by the royal family. There’s something very Marie Antoinette about it, I think. I’d say it has an almost informal style but ‘informal’ seems like an odd word to use when describing a TIARA doesn’t it?

The tiara is said to be an heirloom from 1767 but probably isn’t that old. It’s made up from various different pieces belonging to the Spencer family, some of which date from Victorian times and entered Princess Diana’s branch of the family when it given by Lady Sarah Spencer to Cynthia, Viscountess Althorp as a wedding present in 1919. It has been remodelled since then with its current appearance dating from around 1935.

Princess Diana was lent the tiara for her wedding but continued to wear it throughout her time as Princess of Wales, as she reportedly preferred it to the lovers knot tiara that belonged to her. It still remained in the ownership of the Spencer family though and was also worn by her sister in law, Victoria Lockwood, who married Earl Spencer in 1989.

The tiara is back with the Spencer family again now – I wonder if we will ever see it again?



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