Coming soon to Bath Fashion Museum – weddings and stars

14 February 2011

I’m lucky enough to live near Bath but am fundamentally quite a lazy person so STILL manage to miss some of the gorgeous exhibitions they run at the Bath Fashion Museum. I’m still gutted that I didn’t make it to their recent show on Princess Diana’s dresses as I love that sort of thing!

I’m absolutely determined to get to their next two exhibitions though as they sound fabulous and also like just the sort of thing that all of you would like to hear about too!

What Will She Wear? opened today and is very timely show highlighting the wedding dresses held in the fantastic Fashion Museum collection as well as photographs of couture wedding dresses from the 1930s. It’s running until the 8th of January 2012, so I’d have to be pretty useless to miss it, wouldn’t I?

The next big show is Dressing The Stars, which is being held from the 12th of July until the 29th of August in the Assembly Room ballroom where Jane Austen and several of her characters danced the nights away alongside Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, the Duchesse de Polignac and other eighteenth and early nineteenth century luminaries.

Dressing The Stars will feature fabulous costumes from The Duchess, Sense and Sensibility, Elizabeth, Pirates of the Caribbean and other films. I honestly can’t wait to see it!

‘When people think of the Brits at the Oscars they think of the stars or maybe the directors, but there are another breed of Oscar and BAFTA winning Brits who deserve as much recognition – the costume designers. This exhibition aims to bring together many award winning costumes and the designers who created them.

The first Brit to win a costume Oscar was Roger Furse for Hamlet in 1948. Since then there have been many nominated and winning British costume designers at the American and British Film Academy Awards, and in the past fifty years the Brits have been sweeping the board in Hollywood.

Not only are costumes themselves on display but also clips from the films and interviews with the designers about the process involved in creating an award winning costume. From the first reading of the script to consultation with actors and directors, the creative process of interpretation is often arduous and fraught, but immensely rewarding.

A programme of events is planned surrounding the exhibition including screenings of the films at local cinemas and lectures and talks by some of the designers and makers responsible for bringing the costumes to the screen. The making of a costume for a particular actor is a complex process and one that will be of interest to many people.’

I’ve made a note on my calendar and will definitely be going to see both exhibitions when I get a chance!


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