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8 February 2011

I’d forgotten all about about leaving a comment on this lovely post by the divinely sweet Whimsical Wife last year so imagine my surprise and JOY when I got a very nice email from the lovely sorts at Appliances Online asking if I would like some Amazon vouchers too! I am not as nice a mummy as Whimsical Wife so I’m afraid that I spent mine on some gorgeous fashion history books that I’ve been hankering after for a while…

100 Dresses. Oh this is a divine book – it features a hundred dresses from the vast collection held at the Metropolitan Institute of Art in New York. Each one is represented by a gorgeous photograph that really shows it off, accompanied by a description of the garment and some background information. It really is brilliant.

An 1898 dress by the House of Worth.

A 1953 dress by Christian Dior.

A detail from the most amazing dress ever – it’s by John Galliano for Christian Dior and is inspired by the dresses of eighteenth century France.

Grace Kelly Style. This is the catalogue that accompanied the Grace Kelly exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum last year. Unfortunately I managed to miss the whole thing, as usual but I now have this book, which sort of makes up for that! It’s lavishly illustrated with photographs of Princess Grace’s actual clothes as well as pictures of her wearing them. It’s a real celebration not just of Grace’s exquisite beauty and amazing personal taste but also of a long lost age of Hollywood glamour. Has any silhouette been more flattering to women than that of the 1950s?

Sigh. So beautiful.

A Dress for Diana. This is a fabulous and lavishly illustrated tome – a huge book devoted to the wedding dress of Princess Diana, written by the designers themselves. I don’t care what people say about Diana’s dress (and it does seem to be de rigeur these days to criticise it and her, endlessly), I thought it was sublime and still do. So what if it was crumpled? I can think of few other dresses that manage to evoke both romance and also PRINCESS in one stroke.

I’m rather annoyed that I have to do some work now, as I’d like nothing more than to curl up and just bask in these books for a while. They really are superb! Thanks so much Appliances Online for enabling a rather skint me to get them! x

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