I love Helena Bonham Carter

15 December 2010

Those of you who know me in real life, and probably plenty of you that don’t, will know that my chosen look can be summed up as Bedraggled Victorian Prostitute. It’s kind of a nod back to my goth years with an additional twist of gin and misery to make it a bit more grown up. Or something. Okay ‘grown up’ is probably not really the best way to describe it.

Anyway, amazingly, it is only this morning that I have had the revelation that actually, I have been subconsciously channelling Helena Bonham-Carter all along! I love her style, in fact I love everything about her so this is good and not altogether unsurprising really.

Things that I love about Helena Bonham-Carter’s style:

1. Miniature top hats with veils worn at a slight angle on top of the head.

2. Victorian lace bloomers peeping out from beneath flouncy skirts.

3. Several necklaces worn all at the same time.

4. Stripy tights and fingerless gloves.

5. Slightly too long military styled coats.

6. Victorian styled boots and shoes.

7. Leg warmers.

8. Battered, ripped up, flounced dresses with tendrils of lace everywhere.

9. Unbrushed hair. (I haven’t brushed mine since I left primary school.)

10. Lots of black.

11. Nipped in waists.

12. Military styled boots.

13. Flashes of crimson silk and satin.

14. Those cool Victorian picture pendants you can get from shops like The Mymble’s Daughter.

15. Red lipstick and a gothic pale pallour.

16. Not giving a damn what other people think.

The other things that I love are the fact that unlike other actresses, you frequently see Helena Bonham Carter wearing the same outfit or shoes, boots or coat more than once. It really underlines the fact that she isn’t some fashionista, blindly following the latest trend but instead has her own style (which I am stealing, muhahahaha), which she genuinely loves.

I also liked the fact that it was hard work getting together the pictures for this post as she is photographed with her children so often and, of course, they are just as stylish. I don’t feel right about posting pictures of celebrities with their families, even though the photographs are everywhere online so it was tricky finding photos of just Helena B-C on her own. I think I found some ace ones though!

Anyway, I’m really glad that I’ve realised this as it means I can give any future shopping trips a renewed purpose. Anything that doesn’t fit in with ‘Would HBC wear this?’ will be instantly rejected. I just wish there was some way I could buy her cheek bones, prodigious talent and proximity to Johnny Depp…

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