Lost London 1870-1945

7 December 2010

I have spent several months now picking up and longingly caressing the copy of this book that languishes in my local Waterstones. Months of longing and woe.

Well, enough is ENOUGH for I have just bought it and if you like looking at hundreds of photographs of derelict slums, Victorian shopfronts and Blitz damaged buildings or if you are just passionately interested in London’s history and architecture then you should buy it too, for it is really, really splendid.

I could seriously lose myself for hours turning its pages and looking at the photos of a London that either doesn’t exist any more or has changed beyond belief. Either way it is endlessly fascinating.

I can’t wait until it arrives! I intend to lock myself away for several hours with it. Not like THAT, you weirdos! In a scholarly, appreciative way. And then I shall come back and tell you what I think about it all.

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